A truly professional Dallas Private Investigative Company

ISG Investigations is a professional private investigative firm in Dallas, Texas. Our specialties are corporate and business investigations, but we also offer private investigative services to individuals, bringing individual personal contact and attention to the smallest of cases, while still bringing that professional ISG approach. Founded in 1998, we offer investigative services with an emphasis on professionalism and diligence.

Our Dallas-based Private Investigators specialize in these areas of service:

  • Litigation / Attorney Assistance

    Attorneys and litigation preparation are areas of focus for ISG Investigations. We free the attorneys to focus on what they do best and focus their skills on the things that will represent their clients better, rather than running around doing things best left to an investigator.

  • Corporate and Business Investigations

    Corporate and Business investigations at ISG Investigations are professional, focused, and results oriented. We provide businesses the information they need to protect themselves, or improve operations. Whether representing a multinational insurance company or a family-owned convenience store we target our investigations to deliver the information you need, and we always do so in a professional and ethical manner.

  • Private Investigations

    ISG Investigations represents individuals in virtually all types of investigations that a private citizen might need, and we do so in a manner that brings our corporate and public sector experience and professionalism to the individual. No matter how small the case might seem we provide you the advantages usually reserved for agencies and public sector entities.

  • Public Agency and Public Sector Investigations

    ISG Investigations serves Federal, State, and Local agencies conducting investigations at all levels of government. Whether it’s a police department that needs specialized equipment or experience, a State regulating agency that conducts compliance investigations and research, or a Federal agency that needs a local and less resource-intensive project managed. We are familiar and comfortable working in the public sector.

Experienced, Professional, Trustworthy, Discrete, and always Ethical